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Buyer Agent Role

Buyer agency is generally thought to be the best job in real estate – and from their perspective, it’s not a boast but the simple truth! 

This individual gets to connect with myriad new people every week, showcase an array of homes and diverse communities and help folks achieve the greatest lifestyle dream in America: the purchase of a home. Throw in a steady supply of opportunity, a dash of helpful structure, loads of autonomy, big goals to accomplish and even bigger rewards… what could be better?!! 

The Buyer agent is above all things a networker. They love connecting with everyone! They are driven, goal-oriented individual energized by an insatiable will to achieve great things.  They are committed to the wisdom and art of asking insightful questions before leveraging their powerful communication abilities to persuade and obtain commitments.  Their personality is enthusiastic and fun, capable of generating in their audience the brand of excitement that leads to action.  They can’t help but be an influencer: whether they’ve discovered a new restaurant, movie or app… if they love it, all their friends will be trying it too! 

They are a creative problem solver with a high sense of urgency and an innate ability to visualize spaces.  They have moderate organizational skills that they will relentlessly leverage into persistent, effective and winsome follow up with prospects.  Interestingly, the Sales Consultant may not always identify as a pure extrovert.  While they love being with people, they also relish the opportunity to work alone and “get things done”.

The Buyer agent role is  supported by a world-class team.  Cutting edge marketing pros make the Consultant and their homes stand out from the competition.  Event planners, administrative experts and closing managers handle the details, timelines, paperwork and planning so the Consultant can do more of what they do best.  The best-in-class builders, developers, reassure the Consultant with the knowledge that they are advising only the very best product and experience to their customers.

Want to join us? We’re always looking for qualified people of high caliber who have a love for people and serving their community. If that sounds like you, consider filling out our application form below!

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