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Welcome to St. Elmo! Come Thrive With Us!

Founded in 1878, St. Elmo was originally independent from Chattanooga, but officially joined the City of Chattanooga in 1929. St. Elmo originated as a town where two ancient Indian trails met and was known as “Lookout Town.” In 1895, they began building the Incline Railway- it quickly became a success. The Incline Railway still proudly holds the title “America’s Most Amazing Mile.” The first school in St. Elmo was established in 1891.

County: Hamilton
Zip Code: 37409

Population: 1,524

General Cost of Housing:
Median Gross Rent – over $900
Median House Value – Over $250,000

Elementary – Calvin Donaldson Environmental, Lookout Mountain Elementary, Chattanooga Christian School
Middle and High School – East Lake Academy, Chattanooga Christian School, Lookout Valley Middle/High School

Over the past few decades an interest in revitalizing the community has taken root. Historic houses are being restored to their original splendor and small businesses thrive in the commercial district. The goal for the St. Elmo community is to create and maintain a vibrant neighborhood in which residents of different ages as well as various racial, social, and economic backgrounds can live together in harmony, appreciating and enjoying each other’s differences as well as commonalities. It is the community’s ambition to make St. Elmo a neighborhood where people desire to live and visit. St. Elmo community is made up of individuals who understand the impact of working together toward a common goal and what can be accomplished with a little vision.

St Elmo is the most sought after historic district in Chattanooga. It includes three main roads that run for 17 blocks of town, and is located only 8 minutes from Downtown Chattanooga. From a local playground to gorgeous art galore, you can’t beat the local artistry of St. Elmo. There are plenty of local eatery options and the streets are lined with small businesses.

Fun fact: St. Elmo is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

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