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    Welcome to Red Bank! Come Thrive With Us!

    In the mid-1800’s, this area was known as Pleasant Hill. When the community was given a federal post office in 1881, they were told to rename it (since a Pleasant Hill, Tennessee already existed). The postmasters’ wife suggested the name Red Bank, based on the red soil along the bank of Stringer’s branch. In 1955, the communities of Red Bank joined with White Oak.

    County: Hamilton
    Zip Code: 37405, 37415

    Population: 11,794

    General Cost of Housing:
    Median Gross Rent – $1,169
    Median House Value – $230,000

    Elementary: Red Bank, Alpine Crest
    Middle School: Red Bank Middle School
    High School: Red Bank High School

    According to the vision statement, “Red Bank will be a progressive, vibrant, family and business-oriented community that represents itself with pride.Red Bank has been the lifelong community of choice for many residents, based on its good public services, recreation opportunities, affordable housing, and small town charm with access to big town amenities and conveniences.

    Dayton Boulevard has led the commercial charge, as cool coffee shops, little boutiques, and other small businesses continue to pop up. You’re mere minutes away from downtown amenities, daily necessities, and local restaurants, while staying within a small town feel.

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    For 20 years, The Lea Team has been serving this community, maximizing home prices for clients selling their homes, providing honest advice and wise investment strategies for clients purchasing a home, and building communities one neighbor at a time.

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