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Welcome to North Chattanooga! Come Thrive With Us!

After the Civil War, thousands of freed slaves flooded the city in search of freedom. They settled into an encampment along the north shore of the Tennessee River- that later became known as Camp Contraband. Over the years, Camp Contraband evolved into the community known now as Hill City and North Shore.

County: Hamilton
Zip Code: 37405

Population: 16,416

General Cost of Housing:
Median Gross Rent – $1,263
Median House Value – $340,000

Normal Park, Red Bank

North Chattanooga is a hip, historical area of town situated just north of the Tennessee River. Strolling over the river from downtown across the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge brings you to the quaint section commonly known as the North Shore. Modern condos overlook the water and further north you’ll find quiet, established neighborhoods.

North Chattanooga is an elective, funky, walkable neighborhood that is both close enough to everything to be convenient and also just far enough away from downtown to be a retreat. It is known for trendy boutiques, local dining, and ample outdoor spaces for recreation and relaxation. Those seeking fresh air can explore Renaissance Park or splash in the Coolidge Park Fountain after taking a ride on the carousel. Bikers and hikers can also enjoy Stringers Ridge (a 92 acre wilderness park).

Fun fact: The North Chattanooga area is home to more people with Romanian ancestry than nearly any other neighborhood in the United States!

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