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Welcome to East Brainerd! Come Thrive With Us!

In 1967, East Brainerd meant the area along East Brainerd Road, then barely a two-lane country road branching of Robert. E Lee Highway. Originally, the community was called Concord. This name lasted until its main road changed from Bird’s Mill to Each Brainerd following some community consolidation. Several families occupied a small neighborhood where The Terrace is now and the other side of Gunbarrel Road was all wooded area.

County: Hamilton
Zip Code: 37421

Population: 15,840

General Cost of Housing:
Median Gross Rent – $1,208
Median House Value – $215,000

Elementary: East Brainerd, Apison
Middle: East Hamilton
High: Brainerd, East Hamilton
Private: Standifer Gap Seventh Day Adventist, Silverdale Baptist Academy

Mention the name East Brainerd these days and it conjures up visions of massive commercial activity, shopping, suburban affluence, fast food, and even fine-dining. Hamilton Place Mall serves as the center of commercial gravity in the region. You are minutes away from everything you could need while still being a short drive from downtown and historic Chattanooga.

East Brainerd = shopping, shopping, shopping. From your average department stores to small, local boutiques, you will have everything you need in just a short drive or even a walk. There are plenty of family-friendly activities, including bowling, movies, and escape rooms. Some other noteworthy attractions include Chatt Taste Food Tours and The Spice and Tea Exchange of Chattanooga.

Fun fact: In the 1960’s, the land that Hamilton Place Mall is on, belonged to The Wolfman. Here he raised exotic animals, including many wolves.

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