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    What’s New in Chattanooga?

    On today’s episode of…..

    What’s New in Chattanooga?

    #1 – Chattanooga Selfie Museum

    Located at 1401 Williams St., the Chattanooga Selfie Museum opens on August 14th, and has over 15 different selfie rooms and walls to choose from! Check it out for an afternoon of fun, a branding session, professional photography, and more!

    Visit their website here!

    #2 – Get Off The Grid Fest

    This music festival is not like any other- founded by Dr. Bill Fleming in 2015, their mission is to explore and present practical methods of protection and preserving our natural resources through a forum for sharing know-how and experience in sustainable living within a leave no trace festival. And get this…it is solar powered, family friendly, and zero waste!
    GOTGF is taking place at Camp Jordan, August 20th-22nd.

    Visit their website here!

    #3 – Songbirds

    All of Chattanooga felt the heartbreak last August when Songbirds announced that it would be permanently closing its doors. Thankfully, they are reopening beginning August 25th with their first show on their brand new stage! The Songbirds Foundation purchased the space from the museum and is bringing new life to it in a revamped space. Join them on September 18th for the grand opening!

    Visit their website here!

    #4 – Trader Joe’s

    We’ve always been envious of those cities with a Trader Joe’s- but NO MORE! Trader Joe’s Chattanooga will be open to the public on August 27th. Stop by the coolest of all grocery stores, located at 2111 Gunbarrel Road, to grab some cookie butter, some Rosé Water, and Everything But The Leftovers Seasoning Blend.

    #5 – Chattanooga Motorcar Festival

    The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival returns October 15th-17th! You won’t want to miss The Pace Grand Prix at the Bend and the open road West William Road Rally that takes place through the mountains! This event works to support neuroscience research with
    Fifty Plus Foundation, Inc.

    Visit their website here!

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