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Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

The past few years have absolutely spurred the outdoor living moment. Now that people have discovered the joys of life outside, they’re looking for ways to take virtually every activity into the great outdoors. We’re definitely seeing outdoor living areas shift from entertainment to true living spaces.

Whether you have a huge backyard, a cozy front porch, or a sliver of a balcony- today’s outdoor spaces are increasingly being designed for everyday use, rather than sporadic weekend parties or warm weather cookouts.

Are you looking to get more out of your outdoor space this year? Whether it is a simple meal outside, lounging in the sun, or playing a game, any time spent outdoors can boost your health and happiness. Here are some easy ways you can use and upgrade your outdoor space.

  1. Backyard Escape
  2. Fire Features
  3. Water Features
  4. Gardening
  5. Cooking
  6. Workspaces
  7. Playing

Backyard Escape

Since travel restrictions have heightened in the past few years, outfitting your outdoor space can create a relaxing experience and escape without the need for travel. When you can’t get away for a vacation, you can escape to your own backyard! Resort-like additions, such as hot tubs, hammocks, lounge areas, etc., are popping up in outdoor living spaces. It’s all about the ambiance when you plan your escape, so be sure to add fun lighting, decor, and seating.

Fire Features

The popularity of fire pits, fire tables, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor heaters has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Fire can create a warm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for any season and any occasion. Luckily, there are fire feature options to fit any budget and size- large fire pits make a great centerpiece for a seating area, while a small portable fire feature can liven up any patio.

Water Features

Water features can include anything from a pond, to a pool, to a fountain. These features add a visual and audio element to any outdoor experience. Homeowners are putting in plunge pools as well as hot tubs, fountains, ponds, streams, waterfalls, and more. They are also embracing convenience with self watering plants, sprinkler systems, and outdoor showers (which can be used for pets as well as people).


A top landscape trend from the past few years is an edible garden. This can be anything from fruits and vegetables planted in the ground, to planting in containers, to a vertical herb garden on the wall. This activity is not only effective to boost health and budget, it is also a very gratifying experience and a fun time spent with family.


There is a huge trend in pizza ovens (wood fire or gas) that can cook anything from pizza to five-course meals! People are buying hybrid grills that use gas, charcoal, or wood, and we’ve seen a major influx in the demand for large and innovative grills. Families seek a full kitchen with a refrigerator and countertops for prepping. An outdoor space geared towards cooking and meal time will bring the family together.


Working and learning from home forced many homeowners to rethink their living spaces, as they were now serving multiple functions. Homeowners began needing a separate space for work, as well as many needing a virtual learning space. With reliable internet and a place to sit, anywhere can become a home office. Outdoor workspaces allow people to carve out a spot for work, without taking up any more valuable space in the home. Transform a garden shed into a private office, or set up a desk on the deck to extend your space.


As summer is upon us, we all must take the time to let loose and have some fun. With many entertainment venues shut down, and our social life just now getting back to normal, the trend for at home fun is here to stay! Whether it is a athletic/game court, an outdoor tv or movie projector, a trampoline, or some simple yard games, people have found ways to enjoy their downtime at home.

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