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Energy Efficiency – Tips and Tricks

With the family spending more time at home these days, and the temperatures rising as we approach summer, you’re probably using more energy than normal. We all want to afford being comfortable in our own home. Now is the time to take control of your energy bills by taking simple steps to maximize your energy efficiency and savings.

Tips for a More Energy Efficient Home:

1. Install an aerator on faucets to conserve water
2. Use the short wash cycle on your dishwasher
3. Use cold water with your garbage disposal

Attic/Storage Space:
1. Install insulation in your attic, as well as your ducts and pipes
2. Clean or replace your air filters regularly
3. Use a tankless water heater
4. Lower your water heater temperature

1. Use a low-flow shower head
2. Cut shower time to 4-5 minutes
3. Fix leaky faucets

Laundry Room:
1. Wash clothes in cold water
2. Clean the lint filter in the dryer after each use
3. Avoid overloading your dryer

1. Consider using a natural gas grill
2. Cover your pool/spa when not in use

1. Use SMART thermostats to help regulate the temperature
2. Use low-watt bulbs for decorative and overhead lighting
3. Ensure the damper on all fireplaces are closed

Source: Chattanooga Gas

Windows and Doors

While windows and doors open a space to natural lighting, warmth, and views of the outside world, there are also downsides. These same doors and windows can also open up a space to high energy costs.

-Use weather stripping around windows and doors to prevent air leaking
-Add solar control film to reduce the energy entering through the windows. In addition to blocking heat, the film can reduce glare and reduce temperature sensitive hotspots within your house.
-Make sure your windows and doors are closed and locked. The lock pulls the sashes tighter together, reducing the gap that allows air flow.
-Temporary solutions for window or door air flow include caulk strips, putty, pull-and-peel caulking, or window insulation film. Weather stripping is a more permanent solution that can also be used.
-Make sure any doors leading to an un-heated/aired space (garage/outside) are sealed tightly. If you can see light around the edges or feel air movement, then you are losing energy.

Sources: The Tennessee Magazine and Total Image Window Tint

Are you looking to maximize your home’s comfort and efficiency? Click the links below to read more, or sign up for an energy audit.

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